Lead Better Today is all about strategically “developing high capacity leaders to pursue high impact mission.”

Hi, I’m Greg J Baird, founder of LBT

I guide leaders and non-profit organizations (domestic & international charities, churches, ministries, school, etc.) to Lead Better Today – through leadership development, team alignment and organizational health – in order to fulfill their purpose and maximize their potential.

Why are we called “Lead Better Today”? Because we can learn from yesterday and we can look to tomorrow, but we can only apply what we’ve learned and what we’ve planned today

For over 25 years I’ve offered coaching, consulting, speaking and training for the purposes of developing leaders, teams and organizations. I’ve had the privilege of doing this all over the United States and in more than 30 countries around the world. During this time, I’ve also worked in the church, non-profit, enterprise non-profit and business sectors. 

I founded a non-profit, as well as three small businesses, and have had the privilege of winning industry awards for leadership, team and culture within the organizations I’ve served. 

I’ve spoken at dozens of conferences, contributed to four leadership books and written hundreds of articles on leadership, personal growth, team dynamics, strategic growth, and much more. 

My great passion is investing in the growth of individuals and organizations to enable them to fulfill their purpose and maximize their potential. That’s why I joined Maxwell Leadership as a Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker & Trainer, and also became a certified DISC Trainer & Consultant. 

I’d love to have the opportunity to walk through the growth process with you individually, or with your non-profit organization (domestic & international charities, churches, ministries, school, etc.). 

Contact me today for a free conversation about how we might partner together to make that happen. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!