7 Simple Ways to Stay Focused in Your Work

We live in a world built for distraction. We receive literally thousands of messages, sounds and images every single day trying to steal our focus from what is important and productive. Being able to focus in today’s world is, almost quite literally, a superpower! Those that can master the art of focus will find a […]

6 Steps To Lead and Manage Significant Change In Your Organization

Change is inevitable. Change can be of great benefit, but often comes with great challenges. And it’s important to understand when change should be initiated. In our last article we shared 4 reasons change might be necessary, including: danger, datedness, direction & dimension.  Click here to learn more about these reasons. The process of leading change will always […]

4 Significant Reasons To Bring Lasting Change To Your Organization

Change happens. Whether we want it to or not, it happens in our lives and organizations. Leading & managing change can be one of the most challenging aspects of our roles. But doing it well can be the difference between thriving and dying on the vine. Some of the benefits of positive change include: Reframing […]